Airport Parking Services

Worried about where you will leave your car when you fly out of Brisbane for a few days or weeks? Well, this is no longer a huge issue as several companies have ventured in this niche and are offering excellent airport parking services. With the number of firms offering these services, you might wonder how you will successfully pick the best one. One great way of doing this is looking at the services they offer and see if they are entirely dedicated to ensuring the customer is fully taken care of not. Here are some of the services you should expect from a good airport parking company.

Airport Parking Services


The primary mandate of an airport parking company is to offer ample parking to people who are flying off. Most of these firms are located outside the airport, and they should ideally have a massive parking complex that will satisfy the increased demand during the peak seasons where several people fly out for holidays. The parking should be available round the clock throughout the year so that the customers do not have to worry about the changing flight schedules and odd flight hours.


A good airport parking company should prioritize the safety of the cars packed in their complex. They should install security features such as burglar alarms and security surveillance cameras that help monitor the area throughout. They should also have qualified security personnel manning the complex round the clock to ensure the cars parked there are not tempered with.

Transport Facilities

Since most of these companies are located outside the airport, they should offer transport facilities to customers. These shuttles should help ferry customers from the parking compound to the airport. They should also be prompt and help transport customers from the airport to the compound. It is a huge inconvenience being forced to look for alternative transportation from the airport to the parking area especially for people who have a lot of luggage.

Repairs And Cleaning Services

These are additional services that sum up a good airport parking company like Gateway Airport Parking. A good firm should have car professionals who can service your vehicle and repair it on request. This is helpful for people who travel for a long time and need to have their vehicles checked on from time to time.

Cleaning services are additional services that ensure customers arrive from their journey and find their car clean and ready to be driven home.